Referring Doctor Information

To expedite patient care, please send referrals in one of the following formats:

Priority can then be assessed by a Cardiologist and urgent clinical problems will be fast tracked.

We will contact the patient with a suitable appointment.

Your own electronic records are a very useful format for referrals, or if you prefer, our Referral Forms can be downloaded here:

Note: Referral for more than one procedure can be filled out using our generic HeartRx Referral Form.
Heart Rx Referral Form (PDF) Download
Bulk Bill Echo Only Referral Form (PDF) Download
Heart Rx Medical Director Referral Template (RTF) Download
Bulk Bill Echo Only Medical Director Template (RTF) Download
  • Please include/attach wherever possible any relevant information such as: ECGs, X-rays, Pathology, Hospital discharge summaries, Cardiac operation reports or Investigation reports.
  • If the request is of a very urgent nature, or for hospital admission, please call 4031 2188 to speak directly to one of our Cardiologists.
  • Please inform us if you require a confirmation of the patient’s appointment.

HeartRx Cairns is a fully electronic record Practice:

Correspondence can be sent to us electronically and we are happy to provide our reports in an electronic format.   If you prefer to send or receive your patient reports electronically, please call us on 4031 2188 to confirm that our systems are compatible and that referrals will be safely delivered.

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