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Remote Monitoring for Cardiac Devices

What is Remote Monitoring?

Internal Cardiac Devices such as Permanent Pacemakers, Implantable Cardiac Defribrillators, and Loop Recorders, can now be monitored by HeartRx via Remote Home Monitoring. These devices have the capability to transmit information to us directly, via the internet, mobile phone network, or land line phone, enabling monitoring by Cardiac Technicians, who then communicate the information, and any concerns to your Cardiologist.

Benefits of Remote Monitoring

This technology is now considered a standard of cared for implanted cardiac device management. Research evidence has shown that early detection of issues through remote monitoring leads to improved health outcomes and a reduced risk of hospital admission. Remote monitoring provides greater patient safety, and in some cases, replaces the need to visit your Cardiologist for regular, routine device checks, by performing these device checks at regular, scheduled intervals remotely. The performance and general functioning of the device itself is also monitored, including the battery status of your device. Most importantly, in most cases, your device will send a transmission in the event of irregularities or arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia. In the event that there is reason for concern, you will be contacted by us, and invited to make an appointment to see one of our Cardiologists.

Getting Set Up for Remote Monitoring

Recently implanted devices will have had Remote Monitoring set up at the time of implant. Older devices, those implanted before this technology was available, can, in most cases, be set up for Remote Monitoring subsequently. This is a simple process, that just requires a visit to our rooms for an appointment with a Cardiac Technician, and can be arranged by phoning reception at HeartRx on 4031 2188. There is no cost for the set-up, or the device itself. There is a small annual fee for the cost of monitoring the device.


This service provides frequent interrogation and monitoring of your device, but does not provide continuous 24-hour monitoring. Patients with cardiac symptoms, or any concerns should see their GP, and will be referred for a consultation with a Cardiologist, if necessary.